Looking Back So We Can Look Ahead

I have often wondered what archeologists would think of our society 2000 years from now.  When we look back on ancient peoples many of their practices seem out of place.  For instance, Molech seems like a god that would be last on my list to serve.  Serving Molech required man to cause his children to pass over fire (that is to be sacrificed).  As a father of 4 I just don’t see how that is a good idea.  I love my children too much to offer than up as a sacrifice unto this Molech.  I don’t care what it is that he promised to his followers.  Of course, there are other practices that seem to defy logic to me.  Why would a person want 700 wives?  I have a hard enough time finding time to enjoy the company of one wife and her children, let alone 700 wives and all of their children.  I am sure Solomon had his reasons, but I look back and go why?  What about that scenario seemed like a good idea?  I remember talking to one brother in Christ that wondered how wrong we might have been when it came to certain archaeological finds.  Many of the fertility goddesses of ancient peoples had idols that featured beautiful woman, often in the nude.  How do we know these were idols and not just early pornography?  (I understand we have more than just household idols that we have dug up). The point was that we perceive things to be one way when we look back.  It changes how we view these people.

So, how would an excavation team view American culture today.  With all of the means of preserving video and information they will have at least a window into what we watched, do, etc.  Would they think we are a people that worship a television?  After all, it sits at a position of prominence in the most used home in the house (and for some homes it is in every room in the house).   We even have the rooms designed for easier watching of the television.  Think of it like this.  In old times their used to be a room devoted to the library.  You could walk into that room and immediately know that books are important to that person.  (If you know anything about Thomas Jefferson it should not surprise you that there was a shelf for books in every one of his rooms).  If we have a room (or rooms) completely devoted to this box whose shows teach us what to think, what to wear, what to eat, and what to fear what are we saying is most important to us?  Let me put it like this, if an alien were to visit your house and knew nothing about our culture, our faiths, etc could you prove to him that the word of God is more important to you than your television if you have an entire room devoted to your television and you aren’t really sure where you left your bible?

What would they think of our views on Christianity?  This weekend a reality TV pastor died from a snake bite.  He, along with others,   believe that a person’s faith can be identified by whether or not they can hold a snake without being bitten.  It is a belief based upon Jesus’ remarks in Mark 16:18.  This seems so backwards compared to mainstream Christianity.  Duck Dynasty, while not focused upon the religious practices of these millionaires, their faith is certainly at the forefront of their show.  Their faith is what drives them.  And yet, when I walk into Wal-mart and I see their faces plastered on all sorts of merchandise and I hear what people have to say about them I begin to wonder is this what people think of devout Christians?  Christians are some back woods, out of date knuckleheads incapable of living in the 21st century?   Add to this the slew of “famous” people that came out this past month and Christianity is certainly at the forefront.  But the light being shown upon us is one that we don’t want.  The Christians that oppose homosexuality are viewed as not up with the times and stuck in the dark ages.  I have even started hearing the term “enlightened.”  Those that accept homosexuality as a viable way of living are enlightened.  Those that don’t are ignorant, bigots, etc.

What can we do to change how the world views us?  We have to stop being bigots.  No, I do not mean that we change our views on sin and “catch up with the times.”  What I mean is that we have to stop the hate.  In the 1960’s Christians were still using the bible to justify treating African Americans like second class citizens.  Were they right?  Of course not.  Likewise, we can’t treat someone differently.  It isn’t our right.  Remember what Paul wrote in I Cor. 5:9-10,  “I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people; I did not at all mean with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world (NASB).”  We as Christians should never treat any alien sinner (no matter what the sin) like a second class citizen.  Quoting the bible to prove that they are “less than human” is what makes us look backwards!


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