My Quiver is Not Full

If you know me, or have read my “about” page, you know that I am a homeschooling father of four. Over the last twelve years I have heard a variety of different responses to pregnancies of my wife and to the children that I have. I remember the jubilation that Dawn and I felt when we heard that she was first pregnant in the summer of 2002. I cannot even put into words the joy we felt that afternoon. I also remember rushing off to my mom and dad’s to tell them our wonderful news. The joy in their hearts seemed to match the joy in mine, as my 1st born child would be their first grandchild. Two and half years later Dawn and I learned that our second was on the way. I remember praying earnestly for a son, which is the reason why his middle name is Samuel. I remember the joy I felt holding my son for the 1st time. I likely remember his birth better than my firstborn because I held him a lot more than Dawn as she was exhausted following the delivery and slept for most of that day. Me, I couldn’t put him down. I hadn’t slept, but I couldn’t imagine trying. Most people were excited for us. We have two kids; a boy and a girl. Our third came another two and a half years later. At this point I think most of the joy that others expressed was that it was the 1st baby they got to experience with us. Three kids were not out of the ordinary, after all the American dream said that we were to have 2.5 kids. Someone had to have 3 to bring that average up right? 3 years later, our youngest was born. It is amazing the different looks you get when you have four kids with you. I took all four of them to see a movie earlier this year and the looks I got were priceless. The people had this stunned look of how can a Dad handle four kids on his own? Why does he have four kids? What was he thinking?

Over the last four years I have paid more attention to how people talk about others with big families. It baffles my mind how so many people can have an opinion about the number of kids I and my wife choose to have? It is not like they are starving. We even home school them, so the government doesn’t even have to pay for their education so they aren’t a drain on our economy. (In fact, I assist the economy with how quickly they grow and how much food they eat.) But, perhaps the most frustrating thing I have heard through the years is whether or not we are done. Don’t you have enough kids already? Maybe. Maybe not. I know in my heart there is plenty of room for more children to love. The truth is, my grandmother raised her family in a home much smaller than mine and she had six children. So, not only is their plenty of room in my heart, there is plenty of room in my home. I do know for certain is that my quiver isn’t full. God certainly has been good to me. He has blessed me with four beautiful, compassionate, and kind children. (Yes I am partial… I’m a dad, what do you expect). And if God chooses to bless me some more, than let the blessings poor forth. My heart can take it.


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