The Sky is Falling


It seems like every time we turn around there is another reason to feel like our world is headed in the wrong direction. I was just talking to a brother in Christ about this on Saturday night. I honestly cannot recall the last time I saw the local news, let alone the national news, run a feel good story. It seems like every news report is about a house fire, a store or bank being robbed, a person beating their significant other or as we seem to see every month, a new mass shooting where children are the ones being gunned down. It breaks my heart. And worse yet, it robs me of my hope. Our political climate doesn’t help me much either. I live here in Iowa so we naturally are getting the blunt of the politics right now. I don’t really care if you are Republican or Democrat, all I really see is people primed to disappoint. I hear lie after lie being told. I here empty promises being made. It honestly feels like each person is either trying to make the most outlandish claim to get the most radical members of their party to vote for them, or they are doing their best to make their opponents look as incompetent as humanly possible. I highly doubt these people really are the answer to our nation’s woes. (After all, the last person to run on the idea of change and unity has done more to fracture this nation than his predecessor).

The name of my blog, Finding Hope in the Word, was initially chosen because we love in a world that seems to be devoid of hope. I chose this title because I really believed if I was going to find any hope in my life it would not be found in some presidential candidate. It would not be found in my favorite sports team (especially when they currently sit 1-3). It would not be found in the economy. It had to be found in the word. And yesterday afternoon, as I sat listening to the preaching of Rick Lanning who is here doing a special series of lessons on the Beatitudes he said something that really struck home with me. The lesson was on the third Beatitude. “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth (Matt. 5:5).” Lanning was describing what it meant to inherit the earth. While I am certain to note quote him correctly, he said something to the effect of “inheriting the earth is about receiving the best of both worlds.” That is, the meek shall find themselves a home in heaven, and they will find themselves happy in this world as well. It is not that God will cause us to experience wealth and riches (sadly that is what the idea of inheriting the earth has been twisted into—a modern idea of the phrase). All that I need to be truly happy can be mine. This does not mean I am free to purse wickedness and God will clean up my mess. This does not mean that God will bless my efforts to get rich and powerful. This means that if trust in God. If I let him lead my life (for that is what a meek person will do) then I can expect to feel fulfillment. I can expect that God will make me lay down in the green pastures and lead me beside the quiet waters (Psa. 23:2). I can expect that even though I may walk through the valley of the great mountain of death I won’t have anything to fear (Psa. 23:4). I can find comfort, which is all I need to find contentment, happiness, and everlasting joy, knowing that God hasn’t abandoned me. He is carrying me through, he is guiding me and that is more than okay.

I guess what I am trying to say, it’s okay if it looks like the sky is falling. My hope isn’t built upon such men. My hope is in the word. And if I trust, I let it guide me. I will never be disappointed.


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