Don’t Waste Your Talents


This past month I experienced when of the most difficult months physically I have ever had. I have chronic ear problems. In fact, I would argue that there isn’t a month that doesn’t go by that my ears don’t cause me some form of discomfort. Most of these days I can pass it off as mild discomfort. But, this past month, I have had one of the longest ear aches I have ever had. I have taken two rounds of antibiotics only to find that I still did not feel better. To make matters worse, my eardrum ruptured twice. While my hearing hasn’t been great for years, I no longer can hear out of that ear. (I have been assured that it will heal and I will hear again. However, I have spent the better part of a month now dealing with the fact that I cannot hear much of anything. I have to be careful what side people are standing when they are talking to me. And it is with regularity I am having to ask people to repeat themselves because I simply cannot hear. This got me to thinking about how hard it really is upon those that have no hearing at all. If and when I get my hearing back I plan on using it a little more. I will listen a little more to music. I will listen more to the sound of my children laughing. I will listen more to my wife. I will listen more to the needs of the church. I will not waste my hearing upon hearing nothing.

Wasting what we have been given seems to be an American past time. We waste the food we have been given. As nation we throw away more food than some have to eat. We waste time watching TV when we could be out spreading the gospel, talking with friends, or getting involved in our children’s lives. We waste our money on frivolous things like iphones, bigger TVs and the latest gadgets when some nations are in such poverty the people have no doctors to even go to, let alone to sit around and complain about whether or not we have national healthcare or not. We poor millions of gallons of water upon our lawns every year to keep them green when some don’t have clean water to drink. We are a nation of wasters.

In Matt. 25:14-30 Jesus spoke a parable about talents (a talent was about an equivalent to 6000-10,000 days wages depending upon whose conversion charts you are using). A man was going away and he gave each of his servants some talents. One of his servants, whom he gave just one talent to, rather than doing something with it, went out and buried it. He wasted his opportunity to do something amazing. As a result, what he had was stripped from him and he was cast into the outer darkness.

I don’t know what your gifts are. I don’t know what your talents are, but I do know that we all are given time and that is a precious commodity. Don’t waste it. There will come a time when you must stand before God and give an account for how you used your gifts. Will he be pleased with you, or will he find you making excuses?


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