Don’t I Feel Ridiculous


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The past 48 hours here in my home have been a little on the crazy side. Our car needed to be taken to the auto shop to get a little work done upon it. Being that we only have the one vehicle, we usually end up borrowing a car/truck from one of our friends here at the local church. These vehicles are rarely used and spend a lot of time not being started. (This is not ideal in the middle of a really hard, cold winter). So, we picked the truck on Sunday night and had no issues with it. Monday morning we ventured out into the frozen tundra and dropped the car off hoping to have it back around noon. We received a phone call and learned that if we wanted a brand new part he could get the job done today for nearly $1000. Or he could keep the car until tomorrow and he could do it for $200 with a used part. I clearly felt that it was worth the $800 to wait 24 hours. In the meantime, I and the rest of my family decided to catch the cold that is going around. As such, yesterday, I felt pretty crummy and decided that after dropping the car off I was going to stay in and get healthy. My wife took the kids to a couple of functions at the local library. After being gone for more than 2.5 hours she called and told me the truck wouldn’t start. The battery was dead. The wind chill was bad enough I didn’t want her or the kids walking in this weather. So, I bundled up, walked to the auto shop, with my cold, in the cold and got our vehicle. Got the kids home and got some help to get the truck jumped, took my vehicle back the dealership and I put the battery on the charger over night. I went to bed thinking that tomorrow everything will be fine. Overnight I started feeling worse and this morning my voice is mostly gone. It is rather painful to speak above a whisper (I really hope I don’t have strep). So, I woke up rather irritated that I am not only still sick, but I am worse that I was yesterday (I am certain that long walk in the cold was the culprit). I went out to check on the truck and it wouldn’t start. Again. When I went to jump it, I couldn’t get the charger to work. Nothing was happening. I lost my temper. To make matters worse, when help finally arrived, about an hour later, I learned that I must have stepped on the extension cord as I walked back into the house and unplugged the charger. It is difficult to make a charger charge without a charge going to the charger. If I didn’t feel bad enough due to the cold, I had to feel even worse because I let the circumstances get the best of me and the reason nothing was working was because I made a silly mistake.

I get it my friends, things can sometimes snowball on you. Any one of these issues you might look at and say, no big deal. But when they keep piling on and you start thinking “why me.” Your emotions can begin to get the best of you. Take it from me. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and realize that it is just a car. It is just a cold. It is just a dead battery. It is a walk to keep your family from having to do it. And none of them are worth making a fool of yourself.


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