It’s Not Just About Protecting Our Children

In recent months it seems that our whole nation has gotten itself into a tizzy about what is proper and what is not proper use of a bathroom.  I know this sounds difficult to comprehend.  I was very young when my mother and father pointed out the appropriate bathroom for me to use.  The men’s restroom (or little boys) was designated by a silhouette of a person wearing pants.  The women’s restroom (or little girls) was designated by a silhouette of a person wearing a skirt.  It really seemed simple to me.  The only times I have been confused is when eating at an authentic dining cuisine and they thought it would be cute to put a different language on the door without the silhouette.  Now, I realize the issue recently is not really about whether or not a person is “confused” or incapable of properly reading the sign.  The issue is that they don’t believe that they should be forced to use a bathroom that isn’t for the gender they identify with.  Many states, schools, restaurants, and even target how now made it permissible to use whatever bathroom that essentially makes you feel the most comfortable.

This of course has resulted in a variety of reactions.  Target is now being boycotted with more than 1 million people signing the online boycott and I am certain thousands more that haven’t bothered to sign it.  Others have posted a variety of comments on Facebook as it seems that every day now I am reading something on my news feed about the dangers that this policy creates to our children, especially our girls.  Are there going to be people who take advantage of this policy?  Yes.  Yes there will be.  Did these predators exist before the policies existed?  Yes.  Yes they did.  To be honest, I personally feel that these really distract us from what the real issue is.  The issue is not whether or not I am a bad person now for shopping at Target (I haven’t regularly shopped at Target in 6 years).   The issue is not whether it has become more difficult to protect my children.  My wife and I have never permitted our children to use a public restroom without adult supervision.  I am bothered by this whole issue because it is yet another sin that is being called normal.

Our society has accepted more and more sins as if they is the way it should be.  We not only are engaging in these sins, but we give hearty approval to those that engage in such things.  It started off as little things over the last 100+ years.  But the moral foundation for our society is crumbling.  Modesty, vulgarity, drunkenness, drug use, fornication, adultery, greed, homosexuality, trans-genders, and the so many more are no longer considered sinful.  They are considered normal behavior of the 21st century American.  I won’t deny that someone might feel more comfortable being a man (even though she is a woman).  I won’t deny that some might feel more comfortable being a woman (even that he is a man).  But that isn’t the issue either.  I might feel more comfortable having multiple wives, but that doesn’t give me the right to.  I might feel more comfortable blowing off steam whenever I start to get angry.  But, that doesn’t give me the right to start hurting people when I lose my cool.  I might feel more comfortable never getting married, but that doesn’t give me the right to commit fornication.  I might feel more comfortable abandoning my marriage, children, etc.  But, that doesn’t give me the right.  We are so caught up on what feels good and feels right, that we have forgotten what is right and what is good.  What does the bible say is right?  Deut. 22:5A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”


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