I Need to be More Like Momma Rabbit

be a baby rabbit sitting on its mother s backA few weeks ago my oldest finally had successfully bred rabbits. It was a pretty exciting time in our home.  I was amazed at how little they were.  I know babies are small (I have had four), but those tiny things were exceptionally small.  I have really enjoyed watching their mother’s behavior through all of this.  She was never known as a biter.  She is/was very calm and docile.  But she is very protective of her babies.  My wife has been bit, she tried to bite me and my oldest at least a couple of times.  The other day, i walked out to check on them and saw one of the babies sitting on her mother’s head.  It sure looked like she was thinking “yep, this is what we mom’s put up with.”But, this will be rather short lived.  In a few more weeks they will be leaving our home.

In the middle of all of this, we have had a great deal of turmoil in our home.  My mother-in-law is sick.  Her health worries my wife very much.  She knows that worrying does nothing to help, but she worries, I worry.  It makes my wife sad, discouraged and frustrated to know that in the end there is nothing we can do to make things better.  This regretfully is having a negative impact on our home.  I am afraid that we have been so consumed with what is going on in the home 7 hours way from us that we have forgotten what is going on in the home right here.  My oldest starts her last year of Junior High in just a few months, turned 13 this year and clearly has entered into the teenage drama years.  My oldest son is becoming a little man.  My youngest son is struggling with anger, frustration, and my baby is turning five in a just 2 months.  My wife and I got to talking, we only have a few short years to have a positive impact upon our children’s lives.  If we aren’t careful we are going to turn around and our kids will be all grown up.  No, this doesn’t mean that we are to make things all fun and games, but we do need to be teaching our children that life itself is a gift.  If we walk around being grumpy, angry, frustrated and defeated we will be teaching our children to do the same thing.  They will grow up thinking that is normal.  I cannot have that.  I realize that life is tough, but it is my job as a parent to make certain that my kids don’t see the struggle.  Just like that momma rabbit, I need to protect my kids.  Protect my kids from predators, protect them from them themselves (at times), and yes, protect them from my problems.


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